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Just choose the best one for you project

With Bayraklar Marble, You can choose the best marble or travertine for your project

Does it look like an onyx?

Obviously our unique travertine, Katmer, is a travertin that you can not find out except us.

We produce the majority of our product from our own quarries

Welcome to Bayraklar Marble and Mining Co. Ltd.

Here is the best place that you can choose the best Marble and Travertine for your project.

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Rosso Levanto

R osso Levanto is a dark red coloured marble, with thin to medium grain and strong white vein distributed all over its area. It presents some variations in terms of red colour, with some lighter or darker coloured reds.

Light Travertine

T ravertine Light is possibly one of the most famous Travertines in the world. It is a light beige coloured natural stone, with slight variations in terms of beige colour tones. It can present some darker shaded areas, as well as some white coloured ones.


B otticino is a beige coloured marble, which has historical origins in Italy. However, the Botticino we offer here is originally from Turkey. This is a Turkish natural stone, with a uniform beige coloured background. It is mostly recommended for flooring, coverings and interior decoration.

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